100% dedicated to Facilities Services for Education

That makes us the best at what we do – because it’s all we do.

The SSC Difference

Singular Focus – Education

SSC is 100% dedicated to support services for education. This means we’re well-versed in the challenges facing education today, and – most importantly – we know how to overcome them.

Our decision to specialize has allowed us to focus and fine-tune every aspect of our program. From shaping our training and personnel programs and customizing the most efficient procedures, to developing our own private label supply line and employing industry experts with years of experience – we’re the best at what we do, and we’ve got your back.

A Trusted Partner

Let’s face it – saving money is a huge priority for educational institutions. You need every penny you can get to invest in your programs, faculty and, obviously, your students. On top of that, having a high-quality program at a good value is crucial. We know that clean and well-maintained facilities have a direct impact on educational outcomes. That’s why we always strive to provide superior quality services at the best possible value.

Most importantly, however, we strive to PARTNER with you through constant review and communication. TRUST breeds SUCCESS. So, we’ve made it our mission to provide exceptional support services for every customer, every day to truly enhance each and every learning environment.


We know that cookie-cutter programs simply won’t work. Every organization faces unique challenges, so you need a team that will actually listen and respond to your needs and desires instead of just delivering the same boxed recipe every time. This personalized, one-on-one approach allows us to ensure each and every customer receives the quality service we promise. At the same time, we also have the backing of the largest support services company in the country to guarantee financial, personnel and technological resources. It truly is the best of both worlds that none of our competitors can match.

5 Steps: Choosing the Right Partner

Outsourcing facility services is becoming more commonplace within the education industry. As more institutions utilize this practice, it is imperative that they choose the right partner to ensure that all their needs are met. Those that only dictate their decision on lowest price, sometimes face the greatest risk. Below we’ve listed 5 steps that all organizations should take before they decide on choosing a facilities partner.

Our Team

Not all heroes wear capes – ours wield mops, drive lawnmowers, keep HVACs running smoothly, and know our partners’ facilities like the back of their white-gloved hands.

Unfortunately for our competitors, our team is hands-down the best in the industry. It quite simply can’t be beat and is one of the major keys to our success. Their dedicated, tireless efforts and expertise allows us to offer a level of customer support that is unmatched. Many of our employees, including several of our key leaders, have a long tenure with SSC. These leaders provide our company and our customers with an unparalleled level of experience.

Seth Ferriell


Tim Hawkins


George Bernardon


Bob Terraforte


John Lane


Derrick Parker


Jerry Last


Val Emery


The Compass Group Family

As a member of Compass Group North America, a $16 billion food and support services organization, SSC has an incredible array of resources at our fingertips, and we put those resources to work for our partners. Compass Group has existing relationships with institutions in all 50 states through its diverse family of business lines including Chartwells, Bon Appetit, FLIK, and Canteen. At SSC, we bring our leading support services expertise to this world-class network.

Compass Group brings unshakable financial stability to support our growth, allowing SSC to invest in innovations for our partners. This support also brings peace of mind to our partnerships by allowing us to take more risk and guarantee outcomes. We can even offer up-front capital investments for facility infrastructure improvements, leading to immediate and long-term financial payoff for your campus.

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Client Success

The most valuable testament to our success is the satisfaction of our client partners. We work tirelessly to ensure every single client is happy and feels heard and cared for. Here we’ve shared some testimonials from just a small handful of our satisfied clients.

We’ve had a great relationship with SSC, both personally and professionally. They’ve been very supportive of the district. It’s a positive, two-way relationship.

Jack Carter, Executive Director of Operations, Richland Two School District, Columbia, South Carolina

The bottom line is you form these relationships and trust, and they become just like employees of the district.

Paul Andress, Director of Operations, Denton Independent School District, Texas

I strongly advocate outsourcing custodial services. It helped save us significant dollars and eliminated all personnel headaches in that department. The end result is cleaner buildings for our students and teachers. That’s what we’re after.

Darrell G Floyd, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools, Texas

(SSC is) a partner in public education ... Any money that we save goes directly into teaching and learning. The bottom line is that it all goes to help the district accomplish its one goal—which is student achievement and making sure that students are ready for the 21st century.

Minnie Forte-Brown, Vice Chair of the Durham Board of Education, Durham Public Schools, North Carolina

I think the key is finding a company where there is a true partnership - a company that shares the same vision as the district. … Nobody looks at SSC as an outsourcing company, they just look at the employees as part of the district … When visitors come to the district, they’re blown away by how our buildings look and how they operate.

Dr. Sterling Ming, Executive Director of Finance, Bentonville School District

They really have a sense of ownership and pride in the job. They’re Crusaders—that’s our mascot. That attitude and ownership are passed down to all the SSC employees.

Rick Martinez, Vice President of Campus Planning and Support Services, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

The reason that the partnership between SSC and Thunderbird works so well is because we think of each other as a team. I also believe that the SSC staff working on our campus take great pride in their work, and that shows. It matters to them how the campus functions, how it looks, their level of customer service, and the fact that the community feels safe. They truly add value daily.

Crystal Shanahan, Director of Administrative Service, Thunderbird School of Global Management

Corporate Responsibility

Employee Care

Employee Transition

The decision to implement an integrated facilities plan is one that will not only be felt by faculty, administrators, and students, but also by existing support service staff. Our most important assets are the people that work hard daily to ensure that our client institutions are safe and students are given the best opportunity to thrive. Yet, there is often a fear that bringing in an outside company means the existing staff will be laid off and replaced with a new team, creating a public relations nightmare and an outcry from the communities you serve. This fear is based on the myths and negative connotations that tend to surround the term “outsourcing.” While this fear is understandable, it’s also unfounded, and can keep you from not only furthering your educational initiatives, but giving your students and staff the best opportunity for success.

SSC makes a smooth transition of existing employees central to the way we do business. Our managers value the facility knowledge, tenure, and relationships of current employees, and preserving continuity through change depends on the support and cooperation of these critical contributors. We have every desire to keep the same productive employees our clients have come to know over the years, as we believe they can best help managers and administrators meet the goals set.

Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining talented associates is a key part of our success, so offering a comprehensive benefits package is a no-brainer. We take care of our team members so they can take care of our clients.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a member of Compass Group, SSC shares a core belief that diversity and inclusion are vital to our success both personally and professionally. Diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences give us a holistic worldview that helps round out our teams and deliver the best services for our client partners.

SSC has enjoyed a long, successful partnership with Thompson Hospitality, the nation’s 12th-largest minority-owned service company, and a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

For the past 15 years, SSC has also worked with Premiere Building Maintenance Corporation, a certified SBA small disadvantaged business and certified Tennessee minority business entrepreneur.


Sustainability and green practices are no longer simply the trend – they are absolutely necessary. We want to do our part to ensure a healthy planet for our many generations of students to come. Compass Group, our parent company, focuses heavily on sustainability as part of its overall vision, and we enthusiastically support that vision.

SSC’s president, Seth Ferriell, led the way for SSC by becoming LEED Green certified by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). His certification validates his competency in green practices and signifies that he is a qualified, educated and influential green building professional within the cleaning industry. We also provide services to a number of LEED-certified buildings.